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Born from the landscapes of Japan and enriched by the heart of England, Goodpic brings to you a legacy of craftsmanship, precision, and passion.

Asaka Barsley and Jun Kaneko, having spent most of their lives in Japan, were captivated by the unparalleled quality and authenticity of Japanese hand crafts and tools. From finely crafted scissors and masterfully sharpened knives to a diverse range of kitchen and garden utensils, every product is a testament to Japan's artisanal excellence.

Their journey to England unveiled a world of artistry and crafts resonating with both the Arts & Crafts movement of the UK and the spirit of Japanese Folk Crafts. This connection revealed a shared history in pottery between the two nations, where design beautifully meets purpose.

Whether you're an artisan, a keen home chef, a passionate gardener, or a professional in search of the finest tools, Goodpic promises to bring you authenticity in every product. Dive into our curated collection, and let a piece of Japan, blended with the elegance of England, enrich your craft.

Join us in celebrating a journey where craft transcends borders, bringing the beauty of functionality into every home.

With heartfelt precision, Jun & Asaka

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