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Japanese Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors

Japanese Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors

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A long-lasting kitchen scissors made in Japan. Crafted using stainless steel that resists rust and offers a sharp cutting edge. Each blade is meticulously hand-finished and polished by artisans. The screw that holds the blades together is equipped with a spring washer to prevent it from loosening. Should it become loose, it can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver, ensuring reliable, long-term use.

It's handy for opening packages and preparing food. Additionally, it can be used as a bottle opener, can lid opener, and jar lid opener. The screw can be removed, allowing the scissors to be disassembled for cleaning, ensuring it remains hygienic.

  • Product Size: Width 7.3 × Length 20.5cm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Made in Japan
  • Dishwasher and dryer safe


Stainless steel


Width 7.3 × Length 20.5cm

Care Instructions

Dishwasher and dryer safe

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