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Curved Blades Kitchen Scissors (Medium), Seki Magoroku, Japan

Curved Blades Kitchen Scissors (Medium), Seki Magoroku, Japan

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These scissors feature a finely serrated blade that efficiently cuts through ingredients like meat without letting them slip.

They are particularly useful for easily cutting through slippery materials like chicken skin, offering a simpler alternative to a knife. Despite their compact blade size for ease of handling, the scissors have a handle designed for a comfortable grip.

With a separable design, the blades can be detached for easy cleaning, helping you maintain cleanliness. These scissors are also dishwasher safe for your convenience.

  • Dimensions: 195×90×12mm
  • Weight: 62g


Blade: Japanese stainless steel construction
Handle: Heat-resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius


Length 195 × Width 90 × Height 12mm
Weight 62g

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe

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