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Okatsune Secateurs, 200mm No.103 Standard

Okatsune Secateurs, 200mm No.103 Standard

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For those embarking on home gardening and considering their first purchase of Japanese secateurs, we highly recommend Okatsune. These secateurs have been the best-selling product in Japan for decades, renowned for their stable performance and manufacturing quality. The standard size is 200mm in total length, with models available in 180mm (weighing 180g) and 210mm to suit different hand sizes.

The sharpness of these shears is exceptional, enabling smooth cutting of branches of 2cm in diameter. If you've ever experienced slippage or difficulty cutting with low-quality secateurs or garden scissors, such frustrations are nonexistent with Okatsune. Despite their relatively affordable price, these secateurs offer impeccable cutting quality and are durable enough to last several years, even with regular professional use.

Okatsune prides itself on its high-level manufacturing technology, producing high-performance secateurs and pruning shears with consistent quality. Although their factory in Hiroshima is not in a traditional scissor-making region, Okatsune has been a leader in innovating industrial garden scissors.

For instance, the blades are made of high-grade blade steel, while the handles are formed from a more affordable steel plate, contributing to weight reduction. This design also creates a unique sound when the handles collide during cutting. The resin covering on the handles offers a comfortable grip but, as with all synthetic resins, cannot avoid eventual wear.

The widespread adoption of Okatsune secateurs has significantly transformed Japanese scissor manufacturing techniques. While traditional fully forged premium secateurs have their appeal, Okatsune has made high-quality secateurs accessible at an affordable price for everyday use. However, be wary of cheap imitations with characteristic red and white handles, many of which are not made in Japan.

Okatsune's secateurs provide professional quality at a price accessible to the average person, boasting excellent value for money. They are a perfect choice for beginners, who might eventually wish to upgrade to artisan-made, premium secateurs in the future.



Length: 200mm

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