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Sharpened bamboo chopsticks

Sharpened bamboo chopsticks

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Long-selling, lightweight, and easy to hold, these are bamboo chopsticks. The part held in the hand is rounded, offering a comfortable thickness that fits snugly in the grip. The tips of the chopsticks are squared off and sharpened. The handles feature a design accentuated with green and red lacquer. Suitable for both men and women, they are ideal for everyday use. 

The squared shape of the chopstick tips makes it easier to flake grilled fish, and slippery noodles can be grasped firmly.
The finely-tuned thinness of the tips allows you to effortlessly pick up even the last few grains of rice at the bottom of a rice bowl—a delightful feature. These play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and pleasant dining experience.

"Have been using them for a long time and came to buy more for when guests come over." "For eating fish neatly, these chopsticks are the best!" Their ease of use and durability mean many who have used them for years often come back to purchase again—a defining characteristic of these chopsticks.

Country of Origin: Japan




Length: 23.5 cm

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