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SHIMANO Fishing P.E Line Scissors, Non-Stick Stainless Steel

SHIMANO Fishing P.E Line Scissors, Non-Stick Stainless Steel

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This small, meticulously crafted pair of scissors, made by Seki City's blade artisans, effortlessly cuts through the fishing PE line.

Boasting an 800-year history, Seki City in Gifu Prefecture, a global hub for blade crafting, produces these compact scissors specialised for PE lines. Each pair is handmade by artisans. They can easily cut tough PE lines without tension and are designed with serrated edges for precise cuts. The handle features a large hole design for easy use with gloves on.

Crafting scissors that can cut the indispensable PE line for fishing is challenging, given that PE lines are specially designed to be strong and tough. Even for artisans with 25 years of experience, it's a continuous trial-and-error process.

The difficulty in cutting PE lines arises from the line or scissors moving, creating a "slip" effect. Achieving a smooth cut requires a balanced design incorporating serrated edges, blade width, pivot points, rigidity, and crossing angles. The weight of the scissors is also crucial to prevent the line from slipping, ensuring a firm and clean cut. These balanced designs and adjustments tailored to individual variations result in quality scissors that cut without tension.

These "P.E Line Scissors" are designed with a grip that is easy to use even with gloves on, specialising in cutting PE lines with a blade suitable for fine work. The "All-round Scissors" have a larger blade with serrated edges, versatile for any task, including processing fish.

The craftsmanship involves adjusting the blade insertion and shaping to each ideal form, requiring years of artisanal intuition and sight. It limits production to a maximum of 400 pieces a day.

Seki City's blade-making tradition, adaptable over time, stands alongside the "3S" of blade-making cities: Solingen, Germany, and Sheffield, England.
Starting from the Kamakura period about 800 years ago, swordsmiths gathered in Seki, utilising local resources like charcoal from Hida, water from Oku-Mino, and clay for tempering to establish a blade-making community. Over time, the area leveraged its geographical advantage between Edo and Osaka to thrive as a logistical hub, evolving its craft from swords to knives, razors, and scissors, thus continuing its tradition and technology.

"Scissor-making is a battle with distortion," explains the craftsman, indicating the challenge of achieving the perfect cut due to unavoidable distortions during tempering. Despite technological advancements, the final adjustments require a human touch tailored to each unique piece.

The commitment to quality and the relentless pursuit of excellence are fundamental to crafting superior products. Shimano's dedication to surpassing conventional standards and striving for the ideal user experience has propelled the evolution of its products.

"As someone who enjoys fishing, creating something that anglers will love and use for a long time is a great joy," reflects an artisan. Shimano's pursuit of quality is underpinned by Seki City's tradition and craftsmanship, inviting users to experience the unique sharpness crafted by artisans' hands.

  • Dimensions (mm): 120×77×12
  • Constructed from stainless steel treated with a fluorine coating for enhanced rust resistance.
  • Features serrated blades ideal for cutting PE lines and leaders.


Constructed from stainless steel treated with a fluorine coating for enhanced rust resistance.
Features serrated blades ideal for cutting PE lines and leaders.


Dimensions (mm): 120×77×12

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