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Shozaburo Dressmaking Shears, 240mm, High Carbon Layered Steel

Shozaburo Dressmaking Shears, 240mm, High Carbon Layered Steel

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Shozaburo's blades are crafted from 2-ply layered steel, combining high-carbon blade steel (carbon content 0.8 - 1.2%) used in premium knives with base iron (carbon content 0.06%). This exceptional forging technology ensures the blades deliver the finest cutting experience.

Shozaburo scissors boast a sharpness that enables cutting by simply pressing along the fabric's grain without the need for vertical blade movement. Their ability to effortlessly cut through both thick and thin materials is a gift of Japanese blade technology. The scissors have a good weight, ensuring a comfortable fit in the hand and stable cutting.

The Fusion of Japanese Bladesmithing and Western Tailoring

In the mid-1800s, as Western fashion culture was taking root in Japan, Shozaburo tailoring scissors brought a new dimension of sharpness to Western-style scissors introduced from overseas. This was achieved by adopting Japanese swordsmithing techniques, endowing Western scissors with the sharpness and lightweight characteristics of Japanese swords.

This revolution began with Yajuro Yoshida, a swordsmith, and was inherited by the first-generation Shozaburo. Shozaburo dedicated his life to researching scissors, focusing on stabilizing their quality and enhancing their sharpness through mechanization, thus achieving a blend of tradition and innovation.

Even today, artisans inheriting Shozaburo's spirit craft each pair of scissors with utmost care. The vital "fine blade alignment," crucial for sharpness, is meticulously executed by hand, embodying the pinnacle of traditional Japanese techniques.

Precision for cutting satisfaction

The point where the two blades meet acts as a fulcrum. A good pair of scissors consistently allows the blades to glide over each other at this single point. Smooth movement and sensitivity to hand motions enable precise cutting. The ideal adjustment of scissors ensures that the smoothness from the base to the tip of the blades remains consistent, contributing to the satisfying sensation of cutting fabric.

Care Instructions

Since the steel is prone to rusting, it's recommended to wipe the scissors with a cloth after use to remove oils and dirt. Additionally, take care to avoid dropping the scissors, as this can loosen the screw and affect the cutting performance.


2-ply layered steel, high-carbon blade steel (C 0.8 - 1.2%)


240 mm

Care Instructions

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