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Tobisho Snips & Bud Shears, Mekiri 180mm, Japanese High Carbon Steel

Tobisho Snips & Bud Shears, Mekiri 180mm, Japanese High Carbon Steel

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These Bud Cutting Shears are the perfect tool for pruning pines and bonsai, as well as for the harvest of fruits and vegetables and general gardening tasks.

They are especially suited for delicate work, like thinning out dense leaves and pinching buds.
It's important to note that the double-edged bud cutters, due to their sharp design, are not suitable for pruning branches, including smaller twigs.

Tobisho is a prestigious name, deeply rooted in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, with a history of blade-making that spans over 700 years. Tobisho plays a crucial role in bringing the traditions of the past into the present day.

Tracing its foundation back nearly 90 years, Tobisho originates from a lineage of blade artisans extending across ten generations. Specialising in pruning and gardening shears, the current workshop, now settled in its present location, has been refining its craft for over 40 years, with the hands of four generations of artisans.

Merging tradition with innovation, Tobisho combines age-old handcrafting techniques with scientific inspection methods, in collaboration with the Yamagata Industrial Technology Center, to create shears with a unique and lasting sharpness.

These shears have garnered high acclaim from customers both in Japan and internationally.
We are proud to offer you the Tobisho shears, imbued with the skill and tradition of expert craftsmanship. For all gardening enthusiasts, these shears will become an indispensable tool in your collection. We invite you to try them and experience their exceptional sharpness and comfort.


Japanese High Carbon Steel


Length: 180mm
Blade length: 58mm

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