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Tobisho Secateurs 200mm, SR-1, High Carbon Steel

Tobisho Secateurs 200mm, SR-1, High Carbon Steel

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This high-quality Japanese garden secateurs, crafted entirely from high-carbon steel, achieves an exceptional balance of sharpness, durability, affordability, and ease of use.
Its red and yellow colour grips are designed for non-slip, comfortable handling, reducing fatigue. These vibrant colours make the scissors easy to spot during outdoor work at dawn, dusk, or in the garden, reducing the chance of misplacement.

Ideal for professionals seeking to increase efficiency after pruning hundreds of branches or for those desiring a superior grade of pruning scissors, including beginners seeking reliable tools, these scissors are highly recommended.

The SR series, developed by Yasuhito Tobitsuka, the third generation from the Tobisho family, represents an original design in pruning shears. "SR" stands for "Secateurs Revolution." Tobisho is a manufacturer known for continually embracing innovation, maintaining traditional methods like the A-type with brazing blades and the B-type, fully forged.

The A-type is known for its high rigidity and cutting ability using its weight, but it may feel bulky to some users. The B-type, made with a full forging process, has its drawbacks regarding manufacturability and cost.

The SR-1 and SR-2 models are revolutionary, combining the B-type's grip and the A-type's rigidity using high-grade blade steel (YCS3 from Hitachi Metals). Despite their high rigidity, they offer a soft handling feel.

Balance improvements are also evident. For example, while the A-type weighs 240g, the SR-1 is slightly heavier at 250g. However, the SR-1 feels lighter and easier to handle in actual pruning work.

The SR series features a 'clamshell blade,' so called because of its curved surface. This design reduces cutting resistance. The blade's angle and mirror finish, a feature common in many Tobisho pruning shears, also minimize resistance.

The thickness of the blade is another focus. Since the A-type uses brazing blades, and because of the B-type's manufacturing process, they are both slightly thicker. The SR-1 and SR-2 are made from a single high-quality steel, eliminating the need for layering and contributing to its thinner blades.

Each pair of scissors undergoes a meticulous screw-tightening finish by artisans, ensuring smooth operation without looseness. These refinements result in exceptional sharpness.

The steel used, YCS3 from Hitachi Metals, is a tool blade steel well-suited for cutting vegetation. Unlike knives or planes, where blue or white paper steel is frequently sharpened to maintain an ideal edge, pruning shears must balance hardness with the ability to withstand cutting branches. YCS3 is chosen for this balance.

For YCS3's properties to be fully utilized, thorough spheroidizing is pursued. Repeated striking at low temperatures, carbon enhancement through carburizing in a lead bath with burning charcoal, and controlled heating and cooling in an oxygen-free environment prevent overheating, oxidation, and decarburization. This meticulous attention to heat treatment is evident in the final product.

For those uncertain about which pruning shears to choose, Tobisho's SR-1 is highly recommended. It strikes the perfect balance in handling, durability, and sharpness, making it an ideal choice.


Japanese High Carbon Steel


Length: 200mm

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