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Toyama Hamono

Japanese Stainless Steel Secateurs, 180mm, Toyama Hamano

Japanese Stainless Steel Secateurs, 180mm, Toyama Hamano

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These professional-grade secateurs are made from high-quality stainless blade steel, characterised by their resistance to rust, even in moist or humid environments. The distinctive blades, as sharp as razors, make them ideal for precise cutting and pruning of plants.

The handles are ergonomically designed with notably thick and smooth curves, ensuring a perfect fit in the hand while achieving a lighter weight. Each process step in creating these secateurs is meticulously carried out by hand. 

  • With its wide and smooth curve and bulging stopper, the handle fits comfortably in hand, reducing fatigue even during extended periods of use.
  • The harmony between the sharp blade and the rounded handle is not just aesthetically pleasing but also considers the balance of weight, enhancing work efficiency.

About the Manufacturer 

Toyama Hamono, established in the Edo period (1861), is a traditional secateurs and scissors manufacturing company. For over 160 years, artisans across five generations have maintained their commitment to trust and quality. Their secateurs, made using traditional techniques like fire forging, back grinding, and blade fitting, are beloved for their high quality domestically and internationally. Recently, they have aimed for even higher quality and durability by combining traditional techniques with cutting-edge machinery technology.

Fire Forging Steel:

Like the proverb 'strike while the iron is hot,' steel (Hagane) gains toughness when heated to high temperatures and hammered, shaping it and making subsequent processes easier.

Back Grinding for Sharpness:

In the blade professional world, it's often said that 'secateurs cut on the back of the blade' and 'the back is the soul of secateurs.' While the front of the secateurs usually gets more attention, the back of the blade is crucial to the cutting ability. The back grinding, done manually for each pair, is a testament to the traditional artistry of the artisans.

Fitting the Blades:

This final stage involves skilled artisans fine-tuning each pair of secateurs, using their senses to bring out the best cutting performance.


  • Total Length: 180mm
  • Blade Length: 55mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Steel Material: Japanese Stainless Blade Steel
  • Maximum Cutting Capability: Fresh wood up to approx. 15mm in diameter, blade tips up to approx. 5mm.


Japanese Stainless Blade Steel


Total Length: 180mm
Blade Length: 55mm
Weight: 200g

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