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Japanese Premium Nail Clippers, Seki Magoroku

Japanese Premium Nail Clippers, Seki Magoroku

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Kai Corporation's Proud Nail Clipper Brand

This nail clipper is crafted by Seki Magoroku, who continues the tradition of Seki City in Gifu Prefecture, a town renowned for its bladed tools. Experience the sharp cutting edge that is characteristic of the brand which also produces Kai Corporation's knives.

Adopted a Sharp Stainless-Steel Blade

The blade uses a stainless steel known for its sharp cutting ability. Each blade tip has been carefully adjusted by the hands of craftsmen, achieving a smoother cutting experience.

Non-slip and Easy-to-hold Handle

The part of the handle where fingers grip is finished with resin. This design, resistant to slipping and easy to hold, enhances stability.

A Design Overflowing with a Sense of Heaviness

The design, which is based on black, exudes an attractive weightiness. The Seki Magoroku logo also emphasises its luxurious feel.

Innovative Nail File on the Side of the Body

On the side, a U-shaped groove nail file has been designed. After cutting your nails, you can easily file them by aligning with this groove.



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