Seki Magoroku, The Legacy and Evolution of Swordsmith

Seki Magoroku

Many master craftsmen were born in Seki City in Gifu Prefecture. Among them was a person known as an outstanding swordsmith, the second generation "Magoroku Kanemoto." He was also called "Seki No Magoroku" because he lived in Seki.

Sekii Magoroku Sword

Swords created by "Seki Magoroku," resulting from his unique sword-forging method, were not only aesthetically beautiful but also sturdy with exceptional sharpness. "Doesn't break, doesn't bend, and cuts well" epitomised the skills and spirit of "Seki Magoroku," which continued to be passed down alongside his name.


In the pursuit of more user-friendly and sharper blades, Kai Corporation arrived at "Seki Magoroku." The beginning of "Seki No Magoroku" was born from the fusion of the belief that "doesn't break, doesn't bend, and cuts well" and Kai Corporation's latest technology.


The brand name, inspired by "Seki Magoroku," embodies the desire to inherit the skills and spirit of the master craftsmen. Products developed through trial and error, aiming for the overwhelming quality produced by the master, are characterised by an artistic beauty and a vivid sharpness.
Combining the artisan's skills with technology, it continues to evolve and be showcased to the world.

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