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Hasami Masamune

Blue Carbon Steel Garden Scissors, Hasami-Masamune 215mm

Blue Carbon Steel Garden Scissors, Hasami-Masamune 215mm

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With a characteristic ring-shaped grip design, the Japanese Uekiya (Gardeners) Shears are commonly used for pruning thin branches and flowers. These 90mm long blades are perfect for aligning pine needles, thinning crowded branches and leaves, and creating an open, airy structure in plants. 

The blades are finely crafted with a slight concavity on the backside, which helps collect sap and reduces the risk of the shears becoming stuck or losing their sharpness.

These shears are made from a steel alloy, a blend of iron and carbon. There are many types of steel, but these shears specifically use high-grade carbon steel, "Blue Steel," from Hitachi Metals. The production of this steel is a delicate and complex process akin to the craftsmanship involved in making Japanese swords. Even a minor error in the heating process can lead to significant flaws despite the shears' flawless appearance.

Mr. Yoshioka, the current representative, explains that even with the use of high-precision machinery in modern times, it's impossible to produce exactly identical items. The subtle differences and discrepancies that arise in each manufacturing stage are corrected through minute adjustments, a testament to the skill and experience of the artisans. This intricate difficulty and dedication to perfection make the art of shear-making fascinating.

Yoshioka Edged Toolworks, established in 1946 in Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture, started with the production of tailoring scissors. By 1973, they expanded to garden shears, including root-cutting shears, cedar and cypress branch shears, and hedge shears, becoming a comprehensive manufacturer of gardening shears. Their brand, Hasami Masamune, is designed to focus on excellent cutting ability, durability, and balanced handling to satisfy professional gardeners and dressmakers. They also offer a sharpening service, maintaining over 1,000 shears annually.

Cutting Capacity:

  • Blade tip: 4mm
  • Middle blade: 6mm
  • Base blade: 8mm



Yasugi steel (white paper steel/blue paper steel)


Total length: 215mm
Blade length: 90mm

Care Instructions

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