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Tobisho Secateurs 225mm, A-Type, Blue High Carbon Steel

Tobisho Secateurs 225mm, A-Type, Blue High Carbon Steel

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The Type A secateurs are traditional pruning scissors primarily manufactured in Yamagata Prefecture. Among the lineup of Tobasho, these are the most popular, with a total length of 225mm and made using Blue (Paper) Steel. These shears are particularly known for their robustness, making them suitable for powerful pruning tasks.

Professional Use for Unmatched Value

They are recommended for professionals who want to advance their pruning work speedily and those desiring a higher grade, powerful pruning shear.

While the price is high for home use, considering the durability and long-lasting sharpness, it can be argued that they offer good cost performance. Owning these shears, which have a history of nearly 100 years, can be a source of pride.

Tradition with Premium Blue High-carbon Steel

Type A is a popular style of secateurs produced by many manufacturers. The names Type A and Type B come from their shapes, with Type A introduced over 100 years ago, following Type B. 

Type A features a hand-forged body with the blade joined by brass brazing, noticeable by a golden line at the joint.

"Brazing" refers to attaching a blade made of a different material (a harder metal than the handle) to the handle. Products that use "Yasuki Blue Paper Steel," particularly known for its excellent wear resistance for the cutting edge, take advantage of this feature to offer a product that can be cherished for a more extended period.

Ergonomics and Capabilities

The main appeal of Type A is its high cutting capability, with a solid weight and comfortable grip. The handle is hand-forged and refined by the lost-wax method. The blade features a clamshell edge and mirror finish, significantly reducing friction during cutting.

Hitachi Blue (Paper) Steel, used in these shears, is a steel material sought for its ultimate hardness, high in carbon content and supplemented with molybdenum and tungsten. Crafting pruning shears with Blue Paper Steel requires high skill and experience. This model is a product of Tobasho's nearly 100-year history.

The mirror finish traditional clamshell blade, so called because of its curved surface, reduces cutting resistance, resulting in a sharp cut. The 225mm model of Type A, in particular, is quite heavy, so those who prefer light handling or a softer touch might find the SR or Type B models more suitable.

In addition to the weight, the balance of where the blade tip falls when held is important. In Type A, the blade tip falls below the centre when held, while in Type B, it is closer to the centerline between the handles. This is a point to consider based on the nature of the work and personal preference.



Blue Paper Steel, Japanese High-carbon Steel


Length 225mm

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