VG1, VG2, VG5, VG10 and SG2 Stainless Steel by Takefu Special Steel

At the heart of every masterfully crafted blade lies the magic of its metal. TAKEFU SPECIAL STEEL CO., LTD is Japan's premier clad (layered) metal manufacturer, dominating the market with a 60% share. 

VG10: The Jewel of the Industry

  • Carbon content: 1.00%
  • HRC: 60 and above

VG-10 is not just another steel; it's a benchmark in stainless blade steel quality. With its strategic composition — 1.00% carbon content, bolstered by 15% chromium, 1% molybdenum, and 1.5% cobalt — VG10 boasts a hardness rating above HRC 60. These constituents reinforce the blade's matrix, ensuring longevity and robust wear resistance. When VG-10 is layered with VG-2, the result is the sublime Damascus steel found in many high-end knives. VG10's versatility and exceptional quality make it a top choice across various price points.

VG1: The Origin

  • Carbon content: 1.00%
  • HRC: 61 and above

Meet VG1, the cornerstone of the VG series. Its pedigree is evident in its purity, distilled from premium raw materials and almost devoid of impurities. Characterised by its fine-grain structure and commendable toughness, VG1 offers excellent forgeability, heat treatment compatibility, and impressive corrosion resistance.

VG2 & VG5:  Balanced and Versatile

  • Carbon content: 0.65% (VG2) / 0.75% (VG5)
  • HRC: 58 and above (VG2) / 59 and above (VG5)

VG2 offers a beautiful balance. Moderating its carbon content enhances corrosion resistance, and adding molybdenum further elevates its toughness. Designed to be easily sharpened and retain its edge for longer, VG2 is a versatile option. VG5 takes things up a notch by enriching its matrix with carbon molybdenum and introducing vanadium – refining the very structure of its carbides.

SG2 / SPG2: The Future of Premium Blades

  • Carbon content: 1.35%
  • HRC: 62  and above

SPG2 represents a paradigm shift in blade manufacturing. Originating from the ingenious process of powder metallurgy, SPG2 has been born from the latest advancements in steel production. By transforming refined liquid steel into a rapidly solidified powder, it forms the bedrock of what eventually becomes the knife's blade. This method ensures a consistent, fine structure, offering knives an edge that's not only sharper but more durable.

Often referred to as the "Powdered Stainless High-speed Steel", SPG2 combines the best attributes of high-speed and stainless steel. This union promises longevity, retaining blade properties even when treated with modern finishes like ceramic or fluoropolymer coatings.

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